As I again commit to work together with all citizens and stakeholders in the Town of Tillsonburg, there are a number of identified items that we can collectively turn into opportunities. Ensuring we continue with an open, transparent and accessible governance model will ensure Tillsonburg truly remains a “Place to Build Your Future”.

The opportunity to engage our citizens and truly build a stronger community from the ground up has continued to pay dividends for us all over the past four years. As a result of truly listening to the people and businesses of Tillsonburg and providing the opportunity for transparent community engagement, some of these exciting initiatives are highlighted below;


  • Adherence to the Municipal Act and Municipal Code of Conduct

  • Continuation of accessible Town Hall meetings

  • Continued respect for volunteer Boards and Committees (Respect this valuable skill set)

  • Continuation of monthly Oxford County report on Tillsonburg Council agenda


  • THI shall remain a financially viable corporation wholly-owned by the Town of Tillsonburg

  • Continued investment in human resources and material capital to ensure THI remains in full compliance with governing regulations (IESO / OEB)

TRANSIT (Responsible, Accessible and Sustainable)

  • Continue to build on the comprehensive Master Transportation strategy and facilitate a new locally-focused governance model to support our operational success

  • Continually improve the financially sustainable and accessible program that now delivers safe and reliable access to all parts of our community (Recreational, Commercial, Medical, Employment etc.)

  • Continue to be a regional leader as we currently facilitate opportunities, in partnership with Ministry of Transportation and neighbouring municipalities, on regional expansion to ensure Tillsonburg is connected to the rest of the world


  • Continue to build on the relationships that have fostered significant infrastructure investment, while ensuring we maintain a level of local autonomy to provide for the always important “Made in Tillsonburg” solutions

  • Ensure comprehensive review of the impact (financial and service level) on local residents and businesses from Oxford’s Solid Waste Management and Recycling program

  • Continue pressure for reduction in Bag Tag rates


  • Continue to build on the “Open for Business” philosophy that has strategically placed Tillsonburg in a position to succeed

  • Continue to enhance public/private partnership to provide for increased jobs and assessment

  • Advance pending Technical training opportunities to match the needs of local employers-

  • Continued demonstration of networking and negotiating skills that introduced valuable investment and employers to our community


  • Community Splash Pad

  • Re-establish Youth Roundtable initiative

  • Enhanced community safety initiatives

  • Additional primary health care opportunities through partnership (TDMH)

These are just a few of the items the public has mentioned to me as community priorities. I welcome you to share your ideas with me at The time to start working together on your ideas is now. Together we can ensure a process that continuously listens, learns and acts for the betterment of all our citizens.


Monday October 22, 2018